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BrainTap Power Bundle Review

BrainTap Power Bundle is a powerful mind training device that optimizes your brain’s peak potential. This device is designed to help with stress and anxiety, sleep issues, mental clarity and overall brain health. It allows you to experience a deep state of relaxation in just 20 minutes and increases your ability to learn.

Unlike meditation apps, the  BrainTap Power Bundle headset is equipped with LED light and sound therapy. This device combines binaural beats, 10-cycle holographic music, isochronic tones, and guided visualization. All these elements are synchronized to deliver a relaxing experience that’s like no other!

This brainwave entrainment technology is based on the same rhythms that entice animals and plants to synchronize their internal clocks with an external source. By triggering specific brainwave frequencies, BrainTap allows you to achieve a state of deep relaxation in just a few short minutes. In doing so, you’ll experience an increase in the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and endorphins that can calm and balance you while improving your mood, allowing for better sleep, improved energy, and more optimistic thinking.

The BrainTap headset has two earcups and a unique visor that emits pulsing LED lights. Each earcup has all the usual power/volume/Bluetooth connectivity controls you’d find on any other headset, so using this device is quite easy. Simply open the app and load your chosen audio-session, adjust the headset to fit, and place it on your head. Then lower the visor and close your eyes to experience a soothing blend of light and music.

Each audio-session has a unique ambiance that will transport you to the desired mental state. The holographic music is recorded in a way that allows for an immersive experience with two voices, a technique known as dual voice processing. This allows for a more realistic ambiance while you’re in the midst of your meditation, increasing your brain’s concentration and helping you focus on the tasks at hand.

Guided visualization is a practice that’s been studied for decades and is proven to increase performance, particularly in athletes. This is because it stimulates the brain’s imagination, allowing you to visualize and create mental images of your goals. The BrainTap sessions will allow you to get the most out of this powerful practice by enabling you to reach a state of relaxation that enhances your ability to visualize and form images in your mind.

The brain is a complex organ that’s capable of many things, from boosting memory to improving physical fitness. By optimizing your brain, you can boost your creativity, improve your learning abilities, and even boost your immune system. Whether you’re an artist, a businessperson, or an athlete, achieving your best requires a healthy and balanced brain. BrainTap is a quick and effective way to achieve all of this, helping you live life at your highest potential!

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